Atom's Lonely

In-Depth look into the band

Atom's Lonely is made up of three childhood friends out of a small town called Westmoreland, Tennessee. They are Brycen Pardue, Bryant Staats, and Kolby Carter. These three boys have grown up together and all share a love for everything music. The quest for a band started around the year 2020. The three all had a good history with music so they thought, "why not make a band." So around their senior year in 2023, they started working and final release "cool'". Ever since then, they've been hard at making the best music they can.

What sets Atom's Lonely apart from the rest? Atom's lonely was created with one goal in mind, make the music we want to make and see where it takes us. We always plan on making the music we like and not having to listen to some producer tell us what's hot on the market at the moment. We will always give our best effort when making a song to insure a quality product. We run on our own time, which allows us to have less stress and therefore produce better music.

As of now? Well we have a big surprise in store for later this summer that we think everyone will enjoy. So make sure to follow us on all socials to stay up to date with the latest news. We hope to be around for years to come and maybe be able to book come concerts here and there, you never know.